Thursday, August 03, 2006


i'm sorry it took so long to update the blog. I replaced my desk chair with a pilates ball to help my posture (i got the idea on the news last winter. at a grade school in Alberta they replaced kids chairs with balls to keep them in line on really cold days when they couldn't go out and play). unfortunately, it kept me away from my desk. a new, not so comfy but more useful chair has replaced mr. bouncy-bouncy.

a gift for a friend, Stitch Diva Celebrity Look-alike Shawl in Diakeito Dia-Something. The photo doesn't do it justice. i've decided to rip the Diva hobo purse. I was only pursuing it for meaghan and because i'd opened the balls. I'll make some moccasin slippers a-la Berroco Sacha with the yarn (Needful Aton) and be done with it.

check out this new Diva pattern for Clogs and this sweater!

and a new magazine came in the mail from Soho Publishing today. ADORN is the new craft zine from the creative peeps at vogue knitting. they are so smart, they have freebies! oh, and i found this in a Diva newsletter: make underpants from your cool t-shits!

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