Monday, July 19, 2010

The Flower Project

I've started working on the Bike, and things are moving. The project is not really about the bike, but about what covers it. And that is ..... Flowers!  This sad, rusty old bike is going to enjoy a second life covered in knitted and crocheted flowers.

I've started work, as you can see above. I'll publish the pattern for my "Crochet Flower Project Flower" soon.  

More important that free patterns, is there will be holding a "Flower Project Flower Making Contest"! Those details are also to follow. 

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A *Real* Baby Surprise Jacket

Before she left for her holiday in Germany, Liane started work on a Baby Surprise Jacket in a real baby size - and here it is! We used Noro Silk Garden Sock in colour S276 and it only took 1 skein! The jacket turned out super cute and Liane seems to like it enough to keep on whipping up BSJs. 

Toronto's 2010 Stitch 'n Pitch is coming up soon on July 27th (it's a Tuesday night). You can get your tickets here, at Knit-O-Matic, or at other participating stores in the GTA and surrounding areas, for only $20 (cash please, thse stores don't actually make a cent from ticket sales).  This year we have the actual tickets in the store, so you can grab yours when you come in!  For more information, check out Stitch 'n Pitch Toronto on the Blog, Facebook, Twitter, or Ravelry.  There are some really great prizes to be won this year and they've been posting them as they arrive!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Knitting a Bike

We`re Knitting a bike this summer! Well, not really, more like a sweater or cozy for a bike.  And we`re making it a communal project, so bring your little squares, swatches, and flowers over and we`ll dress up this very rustic (rusty) bicycle!  Acrylic yarns are preferred, since they will weather better than wool or cotton. 

Cotton Cardie Wrap - Done!


I`m sorry I have not had the chance to blog the Cotton Cardie Wrap, I`ve been up to my ears in Stitch `N Pitch work (it should be good this year, I`ve been soliciting lots of great prizes in addition to the regular freebies you get at the gate). The cardie wrap turned out great, I`m very happy with it, it fits great and it`s dead easy to make. I`ll write up the pattern and make it available through the store.