Saturday, August 26, 2006

koigu sock progress

koigu sock progress, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

sock action taking place. i love the addi turbos/magic loop for the socks, the project is so much more portable and easier to knit now. accomplished mores at Deborah's b-day party last night. meaghan and her leather-clad other half alex took excellent care of us with home made mojitos and bbq. mmmmmeat.

it was a very satisfying party, a good time was had by all. the loot bags were an especially nice touch and i went home with my very own tiara. i'll be washing the dishes in regal style from now on! we were talking about how hallowe'en is our favourite holiday (even better than passover!) and while Deborah was out of the room Meaghan and Alex & I decided to throw a Hallowe'en party at Deborah's this year. and we're going all out. spooky food, graveyard on the front lawn, monster mash playing on the stereo, simpsons hallowe'en specials playing on the DVD, and everyone has to come in costume! i can put that tiara to good use!

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