Tuesday, August 15, 2006


blanket, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

this moody shot is brought to you by my toes (bottom of the pic, the thing on the right is my lamp) and by bad interior lighting. it takes me back to the days in grad school when all the students shot slides for seminars with our fingers in them. so here are the beginnings of my babette blanket. i took some mission Falls 1824 wool home to fill in some of the colour gaps (i was getting bored with the yarns i was trying to use up). the mission falls wool is soooo nice! so soft, i've started to resent the leftovers i'm using up, although aesthetically it makes the palette much more interesting. i did some math this morning and figured out that i've completed 16.8% of the blanket (i'm making it big to fit on a bed, 6300 inches squared). it was a little disappointing at first, i've gotten a bit spoiled with the instant gratification of the small summer projects. but hey, 17% is a very good chunk for just a few days. Finished to date: 26 medium squares 4 small squares 2 large squares approximately 126 m of yarn will be required for the inner border and 129m of yarn for the outer border. i love math.

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