Wednesday, June 24, 2009

ww knit in public day

Hi friends!  Sorry I have not blogged recently. My beloved baby bird Belle passed away from unknown causes and it kinda got me down. Pluto was doing really well with a friend, so I think I may purchase a brand new lovebird buddy for him.

On a tangent, people have complaining that Intweave Press has been withdrawing their free online patterns and selling them through their webstore (for example the Soap Bubble Wrap from the Spring 2009 issue of Interweave Knits).  Personally, if they advertise that a download will only be available for a limited period of time, que sera. But if they publish a pattern in their magazines stating that the instructions are online and do not state that it will not be available after a specific date, I think it's reasonable to assume that the pattern will be there in perpetuity (unless the company goes under and the website disappears).  I thought about how I felt as a retailer who sells their publication and I wrote to them, telling them the myriad legitimate reasons why this policy is bad for business. As a consumer, if you are upset about this or feel shortchanged, I suggest you contact them and tell them how you feel.  Here is a link to their online contact form. If you don't tell them how you feel, how will they know? Be your own focus group!

june24 009 by you.

The sock doll  is coming along nicely. I'm working on her pants right now, but the coat turned out really nice!  I improvised it and knit it in the round with some Elzbeth Lavold Angora I had hanging around the store.

june24 013 by you.

I Finished my ceramic mini-cardie just in time for the hot weather. the yarn is cooler than others and was nice to use as a cover up on a sunny day, but I wouldn't say that it is going to replace air conditioners any time soon. That said, the drape is really nice!  I am going o try the pattern again in Cascade Fization and see what happens with a cotton that has more body.

june24 002 by you.

World Wide Knit In Public Day Hat

I made a hat with Studioloo Mixed Weight Handspun, Downtown Beauty,  on World Wide Knit in Public Day in the park next to the Artscape TTC Barns.

june24 006 by you.

Here is Rosie modeling the hat in front of the Artscape Barns - they look very archaeological on this side.

Knit in public day was so much fun!  next year I am going to do something more involved because it was a blast! 

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

babette done!

june10 009 by you.

Ta-Daaaaaa!  I finished up the babette blanket! it'll be on display in the store for a month or so until the wedding. it looks amazing! exactly like i envisioned!  i'm so happy it worked out!  now i must figure something out to bring to the park on world wide knit in public day. i'm feeling that 'finished big project' denoument. i should get back to my little thingies, on the side. sigh. that is the difference between a mistress and a wife.

Saturday, June 06, 2009

seriously, are you kidding!?

i have a miserable cold. all runny nose, sore throat and generally feeling hung over. before leaving work i started seaming the pieces of the babette blanket together, i was at block 3 when i left work. i brought all of the pieces home with me tonight, figuring that being sick was an excellent opportunity to seam it all up.  i just pulled it out and what should be missing? block 4. the thing is put together log cabin style, i don't think i can do any more tonight. mo-fo! the stupid thing must be on the table at work. i wish i had a car, i would drive back there and kick it's ass!

p.s. thanks to all the people who visited on the TTC knitalong today!  you were all so nice, the best group ever! :-)

Friday, June 05, 2009


i pulled out the babette blanket to start seaming the sections together, but i think that will have to wait until tonight because i've got stuff to do at work today, work stuff. not that seaming is all that compelling, but i've got drive and i'm ready to plough through and finish this puppy off. by the way, thank you for your comments!  they are proving to be excellent motivators. i'm such a helper! ;-) when someone tells me "i was thinking about that but i wasn't sure, and then i saw yours and now i'm inspired" it's really a great compliment, in both size and kindness.

currently, besides trying to write to you, i am braiding the hair on the barbies in one of Cindy-Loo Who's skeins, Barbie's Ice Cream Social. you can see more closeups on her blog. There have been some cool yarns brewing down in Whoville! this summer i am going to learn how to spin art yarn a la cindy-loo. of course, this means i will also be learning how to spin yarn.  i've never been overly inclined towards spinning, myself, but the idea of making art yarn is very appealing! maybe my first subject will be pluto yarn?

it occurred to me last night that i've been telling you how much i like washing my hair with Eucalan, but that i have not been showing you any results. now, this is fine, except when you stop by the store i have not necessarily had a chance to wash my hair that day (i'm normally every other day, but sometimes i get busy or i intend to do it after my workout). this is what my hair looks like after washing with Grapefruit Eucalan, followed by Avalon Organics Olive & Grape Seed conditioner, followed with my regular regimen of Kiehl's Strong Hold Styling Gel and Super Thick Volumizer. Caveat, washing with Eucalan WILL NOT cause decapitated barbies to sprout from your yarn. I think this is my 4th or 5th wash?  my last wash was with baby shampoo because I was at John's house. regardless, the ends are not drier and the Eucalan seems to handle them a little bit better. i REALLY need a hair cut and the real test will begin after all the hay has been cut from the ends.

anyway, project wise, as i said, the blanket was put aside for a day or two. yesterday i taught Laura how to make gloves and i started working on a pair of gloves in Regia Design Line (the Kaffe Fassett colours) 6ply (dk weight) in the fire colourway, 5950, with 3mm/5"" dpn. i've never made gloves before, for some reason i thought they would be unpleasant, but they are exactly the opposite and i'm getting into them.  they are working really quickly and the thin needles are actually easier to work worth than thicker gauges i've used for mittens. this might actually be more fun than socks, well, at least for me. i have to wear gloves every day all fall, winter and early spring, so maybe having several funky, coloured pairs of gloves is a good idea to brighten things up. live & learn. perhaps i will start challenging myself to try a type of project every month that is on my 'never want to make' list?

finally, i've neglected to update the store project. Liane has been working on a Stitch Diva Butterfly Wrap (sans wings) to be displayed on the back wall of the store.

we are using a 3.5mm Clover soft touch crochet hook and Super 10 Cotton in colour 3004, a really nice grey, in size Small.  at first we were a little puzzled by the workings of the pattern but it sort of fell into place without making emendments. i seriously suggest you test your gauge by working the back panel, you won't get a good idea of size with a small swatch. 

P.S. two months ago month left me a comment telling me that i had miss-spelled 'emend'. because the comment was anonymous i was not able to contact that person directly and replied to the comment publicly. for the record, the word can be spelled with either an a or an e, but it comes from the Latin root emedare. generally, as a former reference librarian and academic, i go with the bible, the Oxford English Dictionary (OED):

verb correct and revise (a text).

— DERIVATIVES emendation noun.

— USAGE The words emend and amend both derive from Latin emendare ‘to correct’ and have similar, but not identical, meanings in English. Emend means ‘correct and revise (a text)’, while amend means ‘make minor improvements to (a document, rule, or proposal)’.

— ORIGIN Latin emendare, from menda ‘a fault’.



Now, the reason i prefer to use 'emend' in this situation, rather than 'amend', is because changing a pattern to improve it generally involves a complete overhaul. regardless of how small or minor the tinkering, it always seems to cascade. a technical editor of a knitting/crochet pattern would be making amendments, correcting a number which have been miscalculated,  but not altering the concept or design.

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Blanket Update

babette and capelet 002 by you.

the babette blanket is moving along a nice clip!  i've finished seaming each of the 10 sections and i'm ready to put them together. after that all i have to do is press it, crochet the border, and press it again.

i don't recall if i already mentioned it, but the blanket is a gift for my brother and sister-in-law for their wedding in July.  I think they are looking for a good poem or two for the wedding, so if you know of anything please let me know!

capele by you.

i just cast on a capelet for myself (the stripey version), i am using green Noro Iro and i went down a needle size to an 8mm but i may go down further too a 7mm. i love the old one but it stretched because of the loose gauge and i'd like it to be a bit more snug. i wear it all the time at work, it is perfect for when i'm a little chilly and provides protection from pluto's little gifts.