Friday, February 29, 2008

i know this isn't full-on procrastination but i'm blogging for a break, it's the paper chase knittin' style!

look how pretty it pools on the counter!

i finished my mom's silk spun wrap last week. it's great! easy-peasy and oh-so impressive to non-knitters. pattern to follow. you can see the details on ravelry or see all the pics on flickr.

i finished the first knee high ribbed sock. it fits amazing! so cozy!

I've got some ankle socks that i never wear 'cause the are too short or too warm. they are being renovated, receiving an addition on the top. lucky i had the extra skein of KPPPM in a matching colour in the sale bin!

i've been sewing monsters from old socks with holes. this is my first. he got eyes last night and is waiting for a mouth. his teeth are a real mess, he might need orthodontics.

O.K., my back hurts, i'm going to go now and watch something stupid on you-tube. later 'gator!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

my tummy is upset from an incorrectly labeled packet of salad dressing (that company is going to suffer my wrath in the form of complaint e-mails), so this is a quickie before i go home.

i feel like a fraud blogging this as liane is knitting it, not i. but it is a store project and this is a storesque blog, and i know that you will want to see the progress. If you recall, this is the Free Cosmopolitan Jacket Pattern from Misti Alpaca. it looks really good so far!

my knee socks are marching along. i had to rip out a bit over the weekend due to technical problems, so much of my progress is invisible. i also spent some time at the gym, some time with my beau, some time at the vet, some more time that i can't account for but i don't think i was abducted by aliens of anything sinister. i am in the third round of increases and it fits like a sock!

i cleaned my desk! for a tour of these exciting changes see here and click the arrow that moves RIGHT or put in the search tag tidydesktour in flickr!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Freebies ....

Surveys ....

You Designed What?!
questionable design choices from the runways of New York's Fall 2008 fashion shows

my knee socks in progress ... making calf increases

wrap for my mom's b-day .... last wednesday. gave her another sweater instead. i'll save this for mothers day!