Sunday, November 16, 2008


Cute, Free Notebook Cover Pattern (or in england it would be a jumper because that's what they call sweaters there). She's is fundraising, so be sure to give her a buck or two!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Very Useful Freebie Patterns for Holi...

1. The New Winter Twist Collective is Up!
an ariosa cowl! Now i know what to make pluto for hannukah this year! for me, a Dietrich Hat ...
or a Heroine Jacket ... it's made with cascade 220!
2. Very Useful Freebie Patterns for Holiday Decoration ...
Christmas craft: Knitted ornaments
Santa Suit Christmas Ornaments (I have no idea what the round thing on the right is, do you?) from Lion Brand Yarns: Just Gifts

Sunday, November 09, 2008

update on projects

Caveat Emptor: many links in this blog are from Ravelry. If you are waiting for your Ravelry account to be activated you can use our client account: login = knitomatic2, password = knitomatic
manos hat ed by you. This is a hat we are making for the store so you can see how beautiful the new Manos Silk & Wool is. The pattern is from the Manos booklet 'Primera'. Liane started the hat but our good friend Mary has done the bulk of the work because she loves this technique! Thank you Mary!
misti cardi wrap by you. Progress on my Universal Cardi-Wrap pattern was put on hold while i prepared a wedding shrug and a project for my art class. It was a good break thiugh, I feel trefreshed and ready to get back to it and finish the arms.
shrug by you. This was the wedding shrug. I finished it in time (15 minutes to spare) but didn't end up wearing it - it looks like a sweater and the wedding was dressy. I should have known, but you know how it is, you don't really have a full idea of how a garment is going to be until it's done. On the upside, I dodged a bullet by not blending with the table settings. Unknown to me, my cousin's new wife has a love-on for Cranberry Glass. The entire dining room (the wedding was staged in many rooms, it was held at the Carlu) was decorated with cranberry coloured roses in cranberry glass vases (they looked mostly like this )and decorative arrangements of scads of cranberries impaled on mini pikes. Cranberried floated in clear vases of water and occasionally in a cocktail. The wedding party was also decked out in cranberry, ties for the men, dress for the maid of honour, and of course all the kippah on all the male guests (it was a jewish wedding). Not only would i have been under-dressed, but i would have looked like a tool. i found a little sparkly-black cardigan in the basment of the store, which was fine in the end. What can I say, every one needs a little black dress, a little black sparkly cardigan and little black heels.
doll fronted by you.
For my art class i'm making a doll from a sock. the hair is Koigu KPPPM and I'm working on her coveralls in Mission Falls 1824 wool.

Friday, November 07, 2008



here is a pattern for a knit poppy for remembrance day

or you could make free Perky Poppy Pin !

here is a free felted crochet pattern for a poppy from Knitting Astor

or a crocheted poppy from Essie