Saturday, July 26, 2008

Knit Tagging

Yesterday I took up knit-tagging telephone poles knitta style. Regrettably, it isn't a political statement, it's not a counter culture, guerrilla style assault on mass consumer ideology. I'm just envious of the big, beautiful flower planters across the street from Loblaws and wanted a little instant gratification neighborhood beautification on my strip of road. I'll join the local BIA and try and get some development money for my little section of the neighborhood. Then, if we are still neglected, I'll initiate some yarny protest.

Anyway, my first tags are just old gauge swatches sewn together and repurposed. I'm working on my first real tag, in all of it's day-glo arcylic spendour. everything has it's place grasshopper.

PATTERNFISH is a new online vendor that sells very reasonably priced patterns from all kinds of designers and companies

Limulidae Cowl and Hat

i found a new source of free patterns, Knit on the Net

S.R. Kertzer has loaded some of their patterns as free downloads. there are some good patterns including market bags, a lopi sweater, etc.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

made a crochet baby blanket last week from scrap rowan dk cotton hanging around the house.

I was in the basement last monday, poking through my stash, cleaning up random boxes, and added some stuff for the Yarn Swap on Saturday (July 26th).

while i was down there i found an old project that had been languishing. the yarn is Diakeito Dia-Something.

Here it is inside out. i think i like it better this way.

hmmm, let me see, what have i been getting up to ........

stitch 'n pitch never ceases to provide me with distractions. organizing people is hard! who knew?

my dog walking gig is over. last week i was hauling myself back and forth to the beaches to take care of my cousin's dogs. they were very cute, i miss them, but the commute was a pain. it takes forever to get there & back, the TTC service sucks! but the scenery, oh my god the scenery! walking the dogs on the boardwalk by the beach is an absolute pleasure! except when the dogs chase the rollerbladers. and the poo, it's still poo, no matter where you are, you're still picking up poo.

my little gardenlette on my deck is doing nice, despite my almost killing all my plants while i was loitering in the beaches. poor parched plants, every day the weather report said it was going to rain! does basil ever grow well! the stuff is almost indestructable! pesto for all. i'm looking forward to eating my lettuces! they're about 2 inches tall and leafy!

i finished the surplice sweater in mission falls 1824 cotton swirl. i'm feeling a bit burned out and have to get down to writing the pattern out.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'm sorry I've been distracted lately and haven't blogged. It's not that I've found better things to do, I've just been busy. Making Stitch 'n Pitch happen is a constant stream of work. Just when I think I've done for a while a new problem crops up or it's time for the next phase. I haven't been able to do any pattern writing/editing and my knitting has been a little stymied too. It's time to work on someone else's pattern. My creative energies have been slipping into Embroidery. I'll take some pics & post them later.

Liane made me these two rugs for the store. It took her a couple of days to really understand how much I absolutely LOVE them! She's given me the pattern and I'll edit it and put it up on the website and make it into kits. Thanks go to Shelna who gave Liane a big pile of displaced grey wool. Kits will not come with my very cool shoes.