Monday, April 27, 2009

What do I do with ..... ?

It is my day off, but i am procrastinating cleaning, which requires anther activity of psedo-utility (during the old days of my PhD i used to compile bibliographies).  Last week Laura bought 2 skeins of cascade 220 wool, not knowing what to do with it. I told Lura I'd come up with some suggestions for her, so lets do it! Keep in mind, I'm going to try and suit these suggestions to Laura's likes and skills, but I'll throw in some other good stuff after. links go to, if you don't already have an account use ours: login: knitomatic2, password: knitomatic

Yarn: 2 skeins of cascade 220 wool in emerald green (440 yards), worsted weight, felts great
Skill level: Internediate
Size: Medium
Babies: No
Hair: Big
Crochet: Yes

Star Crossed Slouchy Beret

Felt Ballerina Slippers

Felted Clogs

One Skein Crochet Scarf (make it wider with 2nd skein)

Fit to be Ties Purse

Mismatched Legwarmers

Saturday, April 25, 2009

My Bad

My Bad I've been distracted by good weather and the desire to spring clean. I've been infatuated with cataloging my archive of knitting books, patterns, magazines, scribbles on napkins, etc. But I have been knitting, I always knit and crochet. Actually I've been a little more into the crochet of late.
sweater1 ed by you. This is the Bulky Bolero Liane was working on for the store. It is made with Mission Falls 1824 cotton, 2 strands together, the pattern is from Knitting Pure & Simple. We made it a bit longer to cover winter's sins ;-)
bag1 by you. I also made another crocheted market bag in a really pretty silver-grey from Super 10 Cotton. I have been crocheting silk scarves for scratch but I forgot to take a picture so I'll do that and post again later!

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

girl baby

so, my friend Rosa'a expected boy baby is now a girl baby, so i've been emending my project choices ...

Baby Smock

Confection Baby Shrug