Thursday, August 17, 2006

slipper too big

slipper too big, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

put the slippers in the freezer over night. washed them this morning, again, with jeans & towels & everything lighter than an anville (you know, Acme brand). still about an inch too long. i'll give them another go but i'm going to have to wear my jeans first to get them dirty. i think i've run out of heavy dirty clothes to felt with. maybe i should get a few pairs just for felting at the goodwill next time they have a sale ... good idea waxberg, you get a gold star!

anyway, i'm uneasy about writing a pattern with a yarn that doesn't felt properly. the colour is great (me so smart, me so talented) but i don't want to be accountable for something that doesn't work properly. bummer, i was hoping to have the pattern ready this week. other things have slowed me down also. my obsession with the Babette blanket, a pair of spontaneous socks, work, a pattern that i have to work up & photograph tonight for an upcoming book, life.

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