Sunday, October 09, 2005

Lacy McLace

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i'm also going to have to make something along these lines (from Lana Grossa's free patterns). Think I'll use some Lily Chin "Greenwich Village" for it, i remeber the original yarn was similar, had a bit of intermittent shine - a subtle bit of bling.

lana grossa

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sept 10, 2005 i think i'm gonna need to make one of these babies for this winter. the pattern starts at size 10! ************************************************** addenda oct 9, 2005 i've figured out what to do it in: Filtes King Kardiff from Needful Yarns. maybe.

Casting on

chin mohair boucle Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
I preparing to cast on for this one too. another store sample from Lily Chin's new line of yarn. This one is the boucle, will report more later.

Onion Bag

Knitting Bag
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here is the finished felted lime bag. i wanted it really onion shaped so i had to do some cut & nip & over felted it, but overall i'm pretty satisfied for a first shot. it's a prototype, i'll give another a go in a little bit, emend the pattern some more.

Lace Leaf Pullover

Lace Leaf Pullover
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I picked up this project yesterday after a customer bought the yarn for it and haven't been able to put it down. It's the Lace Leaf Pullover from Teva Durham's "Loop-d-Loop" (it was also pub in the Summer 2005 Interweave) in Filtes King Van Dyck from Needful Yarns. I figured I should make one for display in the store so i grabbed a colour off the shelf that I don't think will be selling any time soon - aquamarine (it matches the store! i don't think it is on their colour chart though). Teva's patterns are so fun, i find myself immersed in them like a narrative. I'm modifying it into a cardigan 'cause i don't like wearing bulky crew necked sweaters. I think it'll be especially fitting for early spring. you know those days in march and april and early may when it's cold and grey and you're sick of winter colours.

Sweater World

ribbed cowl
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sorry i haven't posted in awhile. Of course i've been up to things, my hands are always busy and my mind is five steps ahead of them.

I started working on this sweater for me, 'cause i need more (tee-hee!)

The pattern is from Rebecca Mag & i'm using some Schoeller Stahl Merino Stretch I've got kicking around the store. The yarn is lovely, soft, comfortable and easy to work with, a real joy. The pattern is much like the model, looks like a french fry, so i'm putting some fitting in for the waist, which is about where i'm at (doesn't make for interesting photography, so i'll omit the obligatory proof of knittage).