Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Blackstone Tweed Chunky Beret

Check out our Beret made with Berroco Blackstone Tweed Chunky!  It's great - it was fast, easy, and soft. I love soft tweeds, because traditionally they are very itchy textiles. Must get back to work! :-)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Randomly Striped Noro Pillow

I finished another Striped Pillow in Noro this week, and I'm really happy with this one. I'll publish the pattern once I get everything right, it is strangely fussy because the ease (the amount of space between you/pillow and the sweater) is very important and because the tension changes once it is blocked/washed and fitted on the pillow. So basically, it's important to get it to fit just right. The Noro Blossom/mohair combo stretched much more than the Silk Garden/Lamb's Pride Worsted. I'm going to give it another shot with a Noro Silk Garden and Berroco Ultra Alpaca version (in different colours), and I'll swatch the pair by making a Turn a Square Hat (but with random stripes)

I'm very happy with this colour combo, both are colours/yarns which I love, so seeing them together makes me doubly happy.  

Cascade Eco Duo Slouchy Hat

Tah-dah! All done! (Liane is very good at that). Above I'm modelling our newly finished store sample 9sorry to subject you to the zittle on my chin, I do not yet  know how to paint that out), a Slouchy Hat/Beret using Cascade Eco Duo.  Interestingly, it stripes up a little! I expect the colourways with less contrast also stripe up less noticeably. Another interesting thing, it is really, really comfortable to wear.  Like, not just soft, or smooshy, of lascivious, but comfortable. After I was done taking the pictures I didn't want to take it off - and it's 30 degrees Celsius today (for you Americans that means Hot).  Maybe Liane really enjoyed knitting with the yarn and all that happy energy was knitted into the hat?  Either way i'm going to have to make one for myself this fall. 

Another thing, it wasn't too hot. Things made with 100% alpaca tend to be very warm, which is great for those very cold Canadian days, but gets a little sweaty otherwise. The blend in this yarn is very smart, because the 30% merino wool makes just the right difference. 

A small caveat - we made some minor modifications on the pattern. We omitted the texture pattern around the crown (top of head), and omitted the button flap. Easy peasy. We also went down a needle size to 4.5 & 5.5mm.  And that's about the size of where you put your eyes!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Araucania Coliumo Hat

Not another inane hat post!?  Yes, another. And I'm not going to stop until you smarten up and fly right. I'm kidding, you fly fabulous! You're the best flier ever! Your flying skills are unsurpassed! But I am going to keep posting the boring hats. Also, sorry about the photo, the light was very soft that day. 

Anyway, this one was made with Araucania Coliumo, and worked out very, very, very nice.  It is a very soft wool & silk, so it's got some drape to it, but it is also bulky .  The hat was way too big for me, which means it should fit you if you'd like to come in and try it on. :-)

After browsing Ravelry, I rather like this version of a hat from Drops made with the same yarn. it takes advantage of the inherent drape.  

Cashmerino Baby Jacket

Another store project down!  This is our Baby Jacket in Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran.  The pattern was the right price (free) and very simple. You knit the body and arms in one piece, then pick up stitches for the ribbed edging around the neck and fronts (very easy, don't worry). 

As for the yarn, it is not surprisingly soft, but also has a very nice body and squish to it. It also seems to be one of those yarns that just goes farther than you expect. 

Anyway, two thumbs up! Nice yarn, nice pattern, fast & easy - me likey!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Display Hats: Malabrigo Rasta

I thought it might be nice to knit up samples of new yarns as hats, and this was the first, my Toque in Malabrigo Rasta.  The yarn is so soft!  It is merino and thick and lovely. Laura says it has changed her life. Anyway, it was a pleasure and from what I have seen on Ravelry, it seems to make a stunning yet simple scarf or cowl! 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Bike Update

Hallooo!  I am sorry I have not seen you for a week, I'm still adjusting to "going back to work". Every year I think I'm going ready to get busy again, bot I never am. I'm still in summer mode and don't really want to leave it yet. Me so laaaazy!  

Anyway, here is a picture of the most recent incarnation of the Not Really Knitted Bicycle.  I'm having problems with the title, because it was supposed to be "The Knitted Bike", but it has not turned out to be knitted, but is crocheted.  I know that art doesn't need to be predetermined, but it seems that if you don't give a project a good name from the outset the title gets bungled all the way along. 

The bike's reception has been excellent. When I am working outside on it people stop and tell me how much they are enjoying it. When I am inside they wave, give me the thumbs up, or just pet it. 

Friday, September 03, 2010

Store Project: Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss

I thought I should update you on our latest project for the store, we are making the Ribbed Baby Jacket by Debbie Bliss (a free pattern available online) in the Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran in colour Pea Green no 502.  The yarn has been on the market for a while but we have only just started carrying it. An the results: so far, so good!  The yarn has a very stretch quality so it goes further than a regular merino (the smallest size only uses 4 balls max). It is super soft and has a very satisfying squish to it. Squish, squish, squish!  It's definitely in the petting yarn spectrum. 

This is the colour we are using, Pea Green.  I think it's closer to pea soup green, but that's not really relevant. One thing for sure, Debbie Bliss's design sensibility is always impeccable. The yarn colours are gorgeous and the patterns are always lovely - she's the Martha Stewart of knitting.

Oh, and as for the pattern, it's a pretty simple little thing. The sweater is knit in one piece (back, arms, fronts), seamed up the sides and down the arms, and then the ribbed collar is picked up & knitted. Super cute!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Update: The Not Knitted Bike

More progress on the knitted (crochet) bicycle!  I tried to install this week's installment  yesterday but it was so hot I only lasted about 45 seconds. One of my favorite parts of making this thing is sitting outside on my little stool and attaching the pieces as people walk by and look at me in that quintessentially Canadian way, trying to get a good, long look while trying not to look like they're looking. 

Hey, check it out - streamers!  Gotta love streamers.