Friday, August 18, 2006


sally_lg, originally uploaded by myhighfiber. check this out: .... you can make your own candy Skulls for Dia de los Muertos (or any old celebration of the dead). You can also make dead bread, but it isn't as graphically satisfying. when my friend in san fran got married his wedding band was a silver ring of little skulls (a skully anniversary band) and a few years ago for their anniversary his wife had little ruby eyes set into the sockets. another friend's husband got married with skully cuff links. shiver me timbers! ... excellent new single out from God Made me Funky featuring Thrust. My friend doodlebug used to play with them. are they sampling the theme from the munsters or the adams family? i can't for the life of me remember where "come on, get your back up off the wall, dance" is from ... ...early madonna ...... "get into the groove"! (amazing thing .. i got dragged along to spehora with deborah when i bought my mom a makeover. they were playing early Madonna, very apropos for a makeup store, and i knew ALL the lyrics! didn't know it was lingering down in there. karaoke here i come!) 'sacroiliac' is a reference to Maestro Fresh Wes's "let your backbone slide" - he's also on GMMF's upcoming album. although, i noticed the maestro is also on a late night soap on Omni about a bunch of artists living in a distillery type neighbourhood in downtown toronto. ... and finally, an interesting shaped sweater from Berroco: Sally. Not crazy about the yarn, especially for Canada, but the shaping is very cool, it's fashiony! sub anything worsted or aran.

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