Friday, November 16, 2007


to show off the the new misti alpaca handpainted chunky i wound up a skein and cast on a 18 seconds to sunrise hat. unfortunately my gague was off and it was pulling tight even on my little head. i just ripped it out and i'll give it another go with a 6.5mm needle, 5.5mm for 5 rows of ribbing to start. .... i'm thinking of adding a few sts in the body to make it wider, more beret like. please help me, i have a very serious problem!

the parisian beret is fersnikety knitting (aka i have to pay attention to the pattern & where i am in it) so i left it at home today. the jo sharp silk road aran is REALLY nice to work with, lurvly!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


check out the twinkle knock-off on anthropologie

gretel hat. making it again less 16 sts and an extra 6 rows. it's blocking right now, let you know how it fits as soon as it dries.

house socks from mission falls wool scraps. one down.

babette blanket. the big pieces didn't fit with the sml & med ones, so it's 2 blankets now.

cashmere beret ... still not right.