Saturday, August 12, 2006


slipper, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

making a slipper pattern, and slippers. i tried to felt them yesterday but something was wrong with the washer at the store.

i was a bit bored yesterday. i was updating the freebies and started reading a knit blog. i know, i don't read blogs. well, i didn't really read it, but it was fun & funny & informative and i liked it alot: knit and tonic. got to the PHOTO ALBUMS at the bottom of the left column and check out the WINNERS & LOSERS sections and you will be informed & amused. I really liked her not so shrunken cardigan. i have some lavold silkywool in my stash that i'm going to dye for the project. the somewhat cowl is great too, like that a lot. i've gotta go slog though the shopping guide on to decided on a colour. i also kinda dig this sweater by berroco, Kyra, but if i see any more self striping yarn (expcet socks) i'm gonna vomit in stipes.

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