Friday, March 22, 2013

Galinhos Spring Cowl

Last month Liane completed a really nice spring cowl, Galinhos, with Berroco Origami. It turned out beautifully, and the yarn crocheted as well as it knits (we knitted Kiama with it a couple years ago). The pattern is super easy peasy, great mindless crocheting and beginner-friendly. The yarn is unfortunately discontinued, so pick it up while supplies last. 

Galinhos in Origami
Modifications: none
Pattern: Berroco Booklet 305 Origami
Yarn: Berroco Origami, 3 skeins, colour 4356
Hook: 5mm

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Liesl in Berroco Karma

Finally, a finished project for you!  It's a quick little spring/summer cardie worked up on big needles. The yarn, Berroco Karma, has a lot of drape and worked extremely effectively with the lace stitch. 

The pattern was easy, and easy to follow. I went of the pattern and made mine a bit smaller than the pattern because i wasn't certain how it would work with this yarn and larger needles,. I think the smllest size in the pattern with this yarn on 8mm needles would fit a size medium (size 8 to 10). 

Modifications: see my Ravelry Notes
Needles: 8mm-29" circular (for body) & 8mm-16" circular (for arms)