Thursday, August 10, 2006

Babette Blanket

BabetteBlanket, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

last night's SNB was pretty sedate, mostly me & carla & ramona. Everyone seems to be out of town right now. can't blame 'em, i would be too (if i had somewhere to go). ramona is excellent company, i love it when she comes to visit and hang out. i taught her how to make socks last night. i've received reports that the eureka moment came and she is happily ensconced with sock yarns. she picked up the last 2 balls of red striped Regia i was eyeing yesterday. i'm secrety happy to say that romona is the only person who also liked the mashed banana opal handpaint. she's a real artist, we get each other. and i'm still going to make mashed banana knee-high socks.

last night when i got home i started playing around with some off balls of superwash wool i had around the house & started working on the above blanket. it's a long term scrap project, but it is easy and mindless and gratifying. i was watching austin powers at the time, i can only assume it was a motivating factor if not a catalyst. Liane is working on a striped baby sweater for the store in Mission falls 1824 wool and i'm eyeing the extra yarn greedily. wha-ha-ha! (my evil laugh)

one of my favourite things are utilitarian patterns and one just popped up for universal short row socks! it's a never have to look for a sock pattern again pattern. i relate to it, it's a very knitting store owner pattern, the kind people keep asking you for and nobody has written, so you just go and do it yourself and publish it on the web. blah! so there!

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