Saturday, July 30, 2005


bird carpets Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
i made Leo some rugs for his cage. i never thought i'd get to this place so early in life .... carzy bird lady, da-dee-da. Dr. Avian Vet suggested i cover his perches with something soft because he's hurt his foot and he could get lesions from stress $$$$$ It was actually a lot easier than i thought, i just found some scrap chenille and used the Clover Wonder Knitter (which was really cool & easy to use, the best corking device i've ever used!) maybe if i'm feeling deliorious i crochet him a sofa or a living room set.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

gotta have heart

crochet heart Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
this isn't my heart, it belongs to beatnik_chick on craftster, but i've apropriated for the universality of the human heart, it's everyone's heart. (it would be cool to have all sorts of crochet human organs hanging in the window for hallowe'en. a brain, a few kidneys, eyes, etc.) So lets get a little personal; i just had my heart broken for the first time as an adult. who knew you could fall in love & have your heart broken in a week?! the universe continues to astound me, but i'm not really in the mood to dwell on the diversity of its beauty or the beauty of its diversity. This is the true stuff of stitch 'n bitches. I'll tell ya one thing, this adult broken heart stuff is really disorienting. It isn't the crushing pain you feel in adolescence, it's just genuine loss. Well, it serves me right, Jews ought not to expect miracles from catholic saints - Curse you St. Jude. Besides, St. Theresa of Avila is still my favorite ... heh-heh, Saint Bernini!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

floor mat

mat finished Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
i finished crocheting the floor mat. it took 1 ball in each colour plus a little extra in the centre colour (7 colours, 2 strands held together, 10mm crochet hook). 3 rows each in single crochet. Liane is going to felt it for me (another opportunity to avoid doing laundry) so we'll se how it works out. right now it measures 30" x 25.5". Maisie keeps bringing me all this cool stuff she's made. she took her modified french market bag back so now i have to make one. :-) it just looked really good in the store, i want an army of them for store yarn. it's twice as thick as the original and i'm using lamb's pride bulky. pictures & details to follow as it works up.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

door mat

door mat Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
i attended a b-day/house vending party at Veronika's house last friday and was totally inspired by her rugs! Just over a year ago Veronika spontaneously took up crocheting rugs about a month after visiting the store for the first time. She started Ripping up old sheets and when the linen closet was empty she moved on to yarn. I finally got to see the rug and it was so fabulous it blew me away! it was large, rectangular, made in bands of pastels and creams and had the coolest braided fringe. i'm inspired and crocheting a felted door mat for the store from lopi.

new business partner

leo Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
Please meet my new business partner, Leonello (leo to his friends). Actually, he was a silent partner, but he's spending more time around the store these days. He's named after an Jewish thespian, Leone de Sommi, who worked in mid 16th century Italy. Leo enjoys singing, munching on tissue paper and romancing his reflection in the mirror.

tunisian progress

tunisian Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
the progress on my tunisian shawl.... it's not really as slow as it looks. i misread the pattern and ripped out all the doilies, so really you should be looking at at least 20 of these little suckers. 10 down, 23 to go. i'm thinking that this pattern may also be nice in the Manos Cotton Stria or the Araucania Nature Cotton.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Paint your own saint

St_Jude Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
Saint Jude is one whose aid is sought when all hope is lost, especially in grave health matters and life-and-death situations. It is customary to make a vow that if he helps when called upon, one will publish a notice of thanks in the newspaper. Thus there often appear in the Personals column of newspaper classified ads ex-votos to this effect. The typical wording is a terse, "Thank you, St. Jude." Each one of those notices represents a prayer that was answered by Saint Jude.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

manos cotton flower shawl

manos cotton flower shawl Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
Maisie was so sweet and brought in her crochet flower shawls (a la Jessica Simpson) she did in the manos cotton stria. she uses 4 skeins on a 10mm hook. i'm gonna give it a shot. maybe i'll try with the araucania cotton and an even bigger hook!!

buttonhole bag

buttonhole bag Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
look what Liane made for the store! a lopi buttonhole bag! it is super nifty, stick-girl says she may even make one (depending on her access to air conditioning). Liane made it a bit taller, added a few rows (the greeny-yellow colour block) to make it a real "haul your stuff around" tote. The finished dimensions ... the body is 14" to top of handles & 15.5" at widest part. the bottom is and 5" wide by 12.5" long. It was really fuzzy, I had to use 2 razors to shave it. It used the better part of 4 skeins of Lopi and weighs 365g (i figure the other 35g are in Liane's washer). Liane adapted the pattern & knit it on straight needles 'cause she like's em. :-) thank you Liane!

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


scarf Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
sorry! the phone died! i hope you find your way to this site. here is a link to my original posting about knitthing the scarf with manos wool. the half i have in the store measures 28" long, so i assume a full scarf would measure twice that. it is 6" wide.

teva bag

teva bag Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
this is the bag from loop-d-loop. think i'm gonna have to make it. oh, and the addiction to the 'chia-pet' video game apparently extends to solitaire on my home computer. i'm doomed.

barmitzvah scarf

barmitzvah scarf Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
don't know why, but this barmitzvah scarf is coming along quickly. i took it on the boat this weekend and the needles flew. must have something to do with the wind. unfortunately it's restricted to windy or air conditioned environments only, but i do miss wool.


shoes Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
i'm enjoying my pretty pink shoes. :-) i've been taking and making pictures of my shoes since high-school. i think i'll make a pretty lavender shoppin bag. i never get to wear pale purples, they don't do much for my skin, so indulging in an accessory is nice. i think i'll use some berroco linen i've got kicking around the store. I think i'm gonna have to make the linen bag in Loop-D-Loop too.

Saturday, July 09, 2005

addicted & obsessed

kelly shopping bag Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
i'm still at it with the market bags. this one was done with 2 balls of Filtes King KELLY in colour 99. (Ms. Snit is also tired of looking at the retro CBC t-shirt, although i still really dig it. women's size L in the baby-t honey, 70's retro logo.) had to come up with a new pattern, the yarn is a different gauge. I'm going to make myself a pretty bag in Filtes King KORALLO . it's the same yarn as KELLY & KIM but it's got a shot of disco in it - just enough bling for my grocery shopping needs. ;-) The yarn crocheted really well, it's a chainette (already knitted) so no splitting! oooooooooooh, i just got an idea. i'm gonna try it in ATON, a suede shopping bag! i'd be very-very at whole foods. ELBA would look cool too. ............ oh, and i'm addicted to an online video game, destructomatch