Thursday, October 22, 2009

new projects

OK, first off, you may enjoy a new podcast called MustStashYo (pronounced 'moustachio') from Cindy & Mat, the creative forces behind Studioloo and Manspun yarns. It's about fibre arts (Kniting & Spinning), moustaches, and telling stories. Cindy & Matt's perspective on fibre arts and their weekly projects and product pics are great, but what i really love are their stories! It's hard for them to suppress their rich inner lives and their podcast is exactly what it's like to hang out with them - which is fun, interesting and entertaining. I took them to the gym with me last night

i am feeling a little uninspired, but that's ok, everyone has flat moments. i've been keeping busy, working on things for the store and myself.

Finished Project: Candy Corn Hat in Malabrigo Chunky
first off, it is supposed to be whimsical, oversized and silly, so don't be jumpin' on me with all your pessimistic naysaying.  if you want a practical, normal fitting candy corn hat work 2.25" in yellow, 2.25" in orange and the rest in cream.

Finished Project: Lil' Devil Baby Hat
i made this for harlow, my little freind next door at Scratch. i don't often make stuff for people because i don't have tons of time but Harlow's lucky and caught me in the creative blahs. i was also thinking about halloween projects. i will try to get a pic of her  wearing the hat.

Ongoing Project 1: Rocketry in boy colours for the store
you must be so tired of looking at these, but i have to do them to make kits. Aside from that, they are fast & satisfying little projects.

parisian beret by you.

Ongoing Project 2: Parisian Beanie Beret (raspberry beret) for me
I don't know if this one is going to be a happy story. the ribbing is ok work, not really fun, but it's short. , the increase row between the ribbing and the body of the hat had me counting down the number of stitches left because my hands hurt. the following row (1st row of the chart) is also brutal to work. hopefully this is because i am changing from a 4mm to a 6mm needle and the following rows with cable twists will be easier. Thus far i'm recommending the pattern for the hard core knitter with great dexterity.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

high profile

just a quickie update, i a due at the dentist soon, but i made the paper today!

refers to my late Wychwood Beautification Project

Sunday, October 11, 2009

finished objects

why do they call them 'finished objects'? is it objectification? any why do knitters personalize their work by giving it a name and referring to it with a pronoun, 'her' & 'him'? deeeep thoughts ...... ;-) my stupid but valuable printer is not talking to my computer, i am in printer hell, i need a Valium, or at least a chamomile tea. definitely a chai latte.

i finished the rusty tulips this week. i'm really happy with the colours, it's looking super cute and not predictable.

Saturday, October 10, 2009


i'm thinking about halloween projects for the store, but i'm really not sure what suits my mood. there is a store-front down the street that has a bunch of super-cute little needle felted gosties haunting a dead tree.

ghosties by you.

ghosties 4 by you.

Here are a few ideas i'm throwing around for the store ..... i'm not really sure how i feel about this stuff. the things i've always liked about halloween are the candy and the opportunity to dress up like a sleaze.

i love a good voodoo doll for sure!

Gruesome Eyeballs
eyeballs are ok, but i prefer the drama of the spirit world over gore. still, quick & dirty.

Felted Skull
skulls are ok, memento mori and all. i could re-use them every year, and lynne would probably enjoy decorating her christmas tree with them in the off season.

who doesn't want a sqiud hat? i might just make one for my parents, just for the hell of it. it is guaranteed to be used, it'll be pulled out of the closet every time they have a friend over to their place for dinner, just like that dumb bob marley hat they got in morocco (it's a crocheted cap in rasta colours with straggly braids attached around the periphery) ... maybe i should make them an improved bob marey hat, with a big, full craneum and lots of luscious, crocheted dreads?

Wednesday, October 07, 2009

worthwhile freebies

i've been doing lots of work today but have some across a few very worthwhile freebies you might want to dowload while they are available ....

7 Free Knitting Patterns for Men

7 Free Patterns for Men from Knitting Daily/Interweave Knits (i like the smoking jacket cardie)

Tatami Socks from Knitted Socks East and West - a freebie from publisher Stewart Tobori & Chang

Knitted ballerina bear

Ballerina Teddy Bear from The Best-Dressed Knitted Bears by Emma King.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Mille Colori Big Cowl

cowl 2 by you.

i made a cowl for the store. it's a pretty big cowl, i wasn't sure if it was too big, but figured i'd just plough through and see what happened since it's for the store. i used 1 ball of Lang Mille Colori Big and 6mm/24" circular needles. i chose the muted colourway to go with the tuxedo coat in magnum for the front window. it looks really beautiful, i'll have to photograph it on a more neutal coloured sweater so it won't be dominated.

Mille Colori Big Cowl
shown in size large, which is a drapey, slightly oversized cowl. i haven't made it yet in a smaller size so i don't know how much taller it will be.  if you want something that will stay closer to your body but still be a cowl try the small size (and tell me how it goes). If you want a full on neck warmer that stays close to your body for blizzard conditions you should probably cast on 80 sts and 5.5mm needles.

  • S/M (M/L)
  • Circumference: 24"/61cm (28"/71cm)
  • Length: ? (10.5cm/27cm)
17 sts & 16 rows = 4"/10cm unstretched in K2xP2 rib


  • 6mm-24" circular needles
  • 1 ball of Mille Colori Big (757-70)
  • Cast on 120 sts, join in the round being careful not to twist your sts.
  • *K2, P2; repeat from * to end of round.
  • Repeat the above instructions until piece measures approx 10.5"/26cm.
  • Cast off loosely & weave in ends.

tulips x 2

i was sick all last week with a plague and i'm trying to catch up now (i also had an assignment due in the class i'm taking at night). please bear with me, i was productive while i was out of it.

traditional tulips by you.

finito! the display pic of tulips in mission falls wool, as close to their prescribed colourway as possible. it looks ok, but i prefer color combinations with some design sensibility.

rusty tulips by you.

this one is old news, the pic is a week old and the orange at the bottom is long gone. this is a Tulips baby cardigan in rusty colours of mission falls wool (rusty tulips). i had issues with the 8th colour. first it was orange, then basil green, then pistachio green, and finally i settled on dijon green. i don't have any good light for photography right now but i'll get it up for you soon. it's actually almost finished, it just needs to be blocked and gt it's label. it'll become a kit tomorrow. i'm actually really happy with it, it looks great and it's also received a lot of compliments too!

projects update

P9300035 by you.

this is our Twinkle by Wenlan Chia Tuxedo Jacket Sweater in Cascade Magnum.  it was put on hold temporarily while we were waiting for our funky-large 15mm double pointed needles for the arms. it'll be back in action next week. the pattern was originally published in 'Twinkle's Big City Knits' but is also available for FREE from the LA Times. the yarn is sooooo soft and lovely! super snuggly for stupid cold, rainy fall weather.

P9300031 by you.

while the magnum tuxedo was on hold we worked on a little cardie in the Malabrigo Chunky. the yarn looks goegeous and knits up beaitfully, but not in this pattern, it has too much body. i ripped it an it we will try again as this jacket with interesting collar. i have not yet told Liane that i ripped it, so lets keep it between us, i will let her know in good time. she will probably roll her eyes :-)