Friday, July 28, 2006

Hittin' the Greens

SHARING: just got this cute pattern in my inbox from Berroco, Sacha Ballet Slippers i finished Rachel's Stitch Diva 'Celebrity Shawl'. it looks gorgeous, put it in the store window until i can get it to rachel. it's too colour fangled for me, my aesthetic is moving towards purist, but it's perfect for someone who doesn't live with yarn. I'm reading "pattern recognition" by william gibson, a referral from jody (jody also sends me to interesting books) and i'm starting to relate to the main character who only wears minimalist, unbranded garments in grey and black because she's allergic to marketing. the shawl is very simple in concept and you can easily adapt it to any gauge of yarn (great stash buster, perfect for a single skein of Fleece Artist Kid Silk). suggestions: 1. read the patern very closely. 2. it's really easy to get disoriented with this piece and you're going to need to know which end is the bottom and which is the top so you don't work along the sides by accident (you work the pattern along the top). put a marker in the bottom triangle as soon as you finish it to help orient yourself. 3. check every row after you finish it. make sure your stitches are good and you haven't worked them down the side by accident. i don't have pictures today, the camera is charging. i was working on the Stitch Diva Double Knit Hobo Handbag last sunday with meaghan. Meaghan wanted to make it and I nonchalantly said "Sure, no problem, we'll figure it out together!". HUBRIS. this thing is THE knitting Olympics! it's the most challenging knitting I've ever encountered. not that it can't be done, but it took a while to figure out what we were doing. i'll get back to it when i have some time alone to concentrate. It's ingenious, i don't know how Jennifer ever dreamed it up, she must've been an engineer or sidoku designer in her last incarnation. Chelle knitted the store sample, she is a trooper, i owe her BIG! So what am i doing? I can't concentrate on anything sophisticated right now, iu have summer Brain fog. It's my dad's birthday this week and I started making him vintage golf club covers last night at the party. I'm using Cascade Cotton Rich, partly because it's the right gauge, partly because it's soft & squishy (makes good padding for expensive golf clubs), and partly because it's just hanging around. the pattern is sucking up more yarn than i thought it would, if i was a regular consumer i'd probably substitute Mission Falls 1824 Cotton, Super 10 Cotton and just tweak the gauge (not hard at all with this pattern and I don't really expect golfers to be hand washing their golf club paraphenalia), or Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece for a more luxurious tactile experience. Actually, Come to think of it, Cascade Sierra Quattro would do nicely too since it is worsted. hmmmm, options. i'm thinking in the keyboard. anyway, instead of the clum numbers i'm going to topstitch my father's name into the covers. that should tickle his fancy!

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