Wednesday, July 19, 2006

temporarily blind

i have lots of pictures today but the server at FLICKR is down. i'll update it tomorrow. i finished the baby bolero and a wash cloth in hemp (making more of those as hostess gifts & regular little thank yous and i love yous ... 'cause nothing says i love you like a wash cloth). i started a fast streetknit hat tonight, i'll post a pattern for it later. 3 street knit kits have been claimed sine monday and Terri dropped off 2 hats. Sadie dropped by to pick up a huge bag (like a garbage bag) full of streetknit donations. i don't know where she's going to store it all! i taught my father how to do laundry today and lauched the new felting machine with a tall knitted basket (pattern TBA). i like it much better than the crocheted ones, but it is reminiscent of the cat in the hat.

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