Friday, July 07, 2006

skamama bag snb crochet

skamama bag snb crochet, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

i'm working on the baskets at the store and the bag at home. i'm THRILLED with the results but it's slow going ... not the kind of crochet i ususally enjoy (i'm not into single crochet, i prefer openwork). i can't do the hard knitting all the time, but when i put in the effort I find it SOOO satisfying! this is going to be a satisfying product, sensational end result.

the textile looks great, the hemp is PERFECT, it has just the very vintage florida-chic aesthetic i was trying to achieve. i think i'll just use some large bamboo handles and it will be my bocca bag (bocca rattan, like where old people retire).

i finally got to the decreases last night. it works by making increases, then working straight, then corresponding decreases. i keep carrying around the handles in the vain hope that i get to it RIGHT NOW! :-) the handle flaps come next. i'm so excited i'm counting down the rows.

the pattern was very simple. i didn't really understand how it worked spatially (where the top is, where the bottom is, etc) but once i got the stitch down (there's only one!) and it started to grow i was able to conceptualize it. i also ghanged the gauge & the dimensions (a real bocca bag's gotta be big! my bubbies always had big, bottomless bags with candy for me) .

summary: i'm happy, this will be a garment that i won't get bored of when i'm finished the work!

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