Saturday, July 15, 2006

burberry fall 2006

burberry fall 2006, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

came across a fall fashion trend spread in Elle this morning while i was on the john and caught another glimpse of this hat from Burberry Prossum and decided maybe it needs to be made. so i'm gonna make it. it's slow at work today because it is soooo hot (although the store is amply air conditioned) and i've already started experimenting with yarns & gauge & figured out how many stitches. I've cast on with Lana Grossa Pashmina in cream and i'm working on the ribbing. i've studied the hat from as many angles as available and i think i understand how it works. the decreases will be the tricky part, but i don't have to worry about that till i get to it. i don't know what i'm going to call it. can't use the brand name. i'm going to ikea tomorrow with Meaghan, and she is good at making up names, maybe she'll have an idea. it kinda remiinds me of the hats Rhoda used to wear on the Mary Tyler Moore Show, maybe i'll just call it Rhoda. :-) claire just popped by to pick up the vintage rug hooking stuff that passed through my hands (i swear, i used to study redistribution centres and now i am one!). I didn't realize that Claire is Needlebook! i'm pretty clueless, my networking is totally ancillary. anyway, i love her stuff, i was happy i found a welcome home for the materials, but i'm thrilled that they are helping to support a local artist (she has an etsy shop). coolio. claire left with some Fable too, it's getting to be popular stuff, 3 people in as many days. I'm glad the vibe is getting out, It's mommy andrea is good people and it's good stuff. i finished the baby bolero, i'll take a pic on monday when i have the enrgy to deal with the technology and it's been blocked (still damp). It's really lovely, so sweet, very happy with it.

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