Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sweater-Along Swatching

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My Sweater-Along Swatch has started, and actually should be all done in a few days. I'm making Propello (available in store), a beret, as a swatch, since the sweater is knit in the round.  I don't really know how the hat will turn out or if I will even like it, but that doesn't really matter. I'm making the largest size, since the sizing for the pattern is a bit small. I'll let you know if it ends up small or large, i guess it'll depend on the drape after washing/blocking. 

Regardless, the yarn is knitting up beautifully and easily, the colour is stunning, and I think the slight fuzz factor will be agreeable. Won't really know until the sweater is finished and I'm wearing it, so I forge forward, no looking back or second guessing. 

Oh, by the way, I'm leaving off the 'propellers' from the pattern because the 'swatch' needs to have the same consistency as the finished sweater for the gauge to be accurate. 

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