Thursday, January 13, 2011

Log Cabin Baby Blanket Update

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Update you on the Log Cabin Baby Blanket I've been making for my soon to be niece/nephew.  It`s almost done, just a few more logs and I`m done!  The deadline is looming, baby Wax-Barron (I like to call it the Wax-Bairn) is coming soon!  My spidey sense suggests that it`ll be one more week, but it is best not to rely too much on one`s spidieness.  

It`s a yarn sucker, but will be very warm, which is exactly what it needs to be - I made it to go with their stroller (uppababy in carlin), which is exactly the same colour as the lighter green in the blanket. Mission Falls, your musty colours are finally useful! It`s going to look so good! Squeeeeeeeee!  Hey, don`t roll your eyes at me. I see so many beautiful hand made garments and blankets with babies, but they`re all kinds of different, incongruous colours. It`s like having a living room with a victorian sofa across from a barcelona chair. Anyway, my sister-in-law loves the colours, so all the better.

as for the construction, I thought I was doing just fine until I saw Chelle`s Moderne Log Cabin Baby Blanket (I don`t think she`s raveled it yet). Her seams were so beautiful, so flawless!  I had no idea a log cabin could be so tidy!  After that, I started paying closer attention to the details. 

Here are a few tips for a better Log Cabin:
  1. Knit the last stitch of your cast-off row with the next colour of yarn.
  2. Do not weave in the ends as you go. Do it at the end.
  3. Pick up your stitch with a crochet hook in a size 1mm smaller that your needles
  4. When picking up stitches, do not pick up in the same space as the knitted stitch, pick up one for areas where 2 colours meet (unless there is a big gap, then pick up 2 stitches), and at the end of the row do pick up in the space on the very outer edge. 
  5. After you cast off an edge, if it is ruffling then you have picked up a stitch or two too many. If it is pulling in then you have not picked up enough stitches. 
That`s about the size of where you put your eyes.   xox :-)

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