Wednesday, November 01, 2006


W.W.J.K: what would jeebus knit? I don't know, is there anything in the bible about knitting? One of the 613 commandments in the old testament (yes, there are 613, not 10. the 10 are just the biggies) is to not make fabric from wool blended with linen (Louet has actually done this with their KidLin yarn). it's probably a cultureal prohibiton from the time of the pyramids, based in the need to define identity by encoding a sense of alterity. Linen was worn by the Egyptians and the Hebrews wore wool and it became taboo to dress like the other cultural group. I know these things, it was sorta my PhD dissertation topic. but the period i studied was a bit bleaker. by the 16th/17th centuries Jews wanted to emulate Gentiles style-wise, but when Jews picked up on trends (like wearing earrings) the gentiles didn't want resemble Jews so they changed the trends. And thus the fashion industry was born! Hmm, i'm hungry, need to go home & eat. But first, here's my free pattern pics of the moment: Oh, and check out this design challenge: what would cinderella knit?

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