Saturday, November 04, 2006

short row interruptus

shortrow interruptus, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

my ezmerald sweater. look close. i seem to have made an impromptu short row. consulted with Liane and Ramona yesterday on it, we decided it wouldn't add enough length to make a difference. so i kept knitting. i'm supposed to be knitting along with my students in the sweater class. alternating the strands of yarn because it's handpainted has been a bitch because i haven't been knitting the sweater in pieces, had to try and hide the cross-over behind the button band. but the row where i've been crossing the yarn is a mess. it looks like shit. i'm going to rip it out. the question now is do i knit the thing in pieces, switch the yarn at the edge so i can hide the potential mess in the seaming. i'll think about it for now. i'm not sure if the yardage will stretch either. thinking maybe of knitting in pieces and then if i run out i can do the edges in something else.

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