Friday, November 24, 2006

paris beret

paris beret, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

i'm making a hat to go with my tube scarf. the scarf if going great, i knit it when i walk or in the movies. looks great, i will not rip it out. ever. the hat i settled on is the Paris Beret from Stitch Diva Studios with 2 strands of Fable Baby Alpaca held together. i actually wanted a tree of life aran on it anyway, serendipity that someone else has invented it. hee-hee! i started it last night. ripped it this morning. started it this afternoon. ripped it this afternoon. started it again and god willing thrid time's the charm. now, normally i would let sleeping dogs lie, but since i am a professional yarn & pattern pusher and because i am posting a picture of this pattern & talking about it in a publish sphere, i am sorta responsible for potentially encouraging you to make it. so here is the thing, the pattern is not the easiest to follow. here are some recommendations for following this pattern with the greatest of ease: 1. before you do anything, make a photocopy of the pattern!!! make an extra copy of the second page too. 2. you will need 3 different coloured highlighters (or 3 different light coloured markers, whatever floats your boat). you will also need a row counter if you don't want to check off rows with a pen and you ABSOLUTELY need the stitch markers listed in the materials. 3. Before you start, read ALL the instructions that come before the pattern actually starts. "Yarn-Design Notes" are very helpful. 4. With colour #1 highlight all the relevant numbers and pattern sequences, especially the pattern sequence for the brim and the increase sequence for the transition row after the brim. don't worry about Diagram 2, it is the same info as the instructions for the transition row. 5. On the big/main chart (diagram 1) and with colours 2 & 3 highlight & colour code the "Cross Left" and "Cross Right" symbols. Also write the row number from bottom to top.

6. Cut out the instructions for "Cross Left" & "Cross Right" on the second page and tape it next to the pattern chart on the first page.

7. Ok, cast on, do your stuff, go to town. As you knit the first round place stitch markers after each pattern repeat - you can leave them where they are for the rest of the hat, don't worry about having to move them.

8. When you get to the transition row you will want to do a Lifted Stitch increase

9. The first round of the main pattern (Diagram 1) is a bit hard going because you're changing needle sizes. go slow.

addenda Nov 30, 2006 ......

10. the insructions for "cross-left" don't seem to work. insert the right needle in the very back of the 2 sts on the left needle (180 degrees, total opposite side of the stitches). make sure that when you put them back on the left needle the knit stitch is on top and the purl stitch is on the bottom.

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