Saturday, November 04, 2006

ezmerlda mess

ezmerlda mess, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

the greater of 2 messes. i have done a terrible job of switching the yarn. i haven't been pulling it tight enough. well, i did near the ned, but that doesn't help the rest. i'm concerned about changing the tension on that side, i don't want that button band to be shorter than the other. i'm ripping and knitting it again without the bands. i'll add the bands later. might as well knit in pieces then. maybe add some shaping too. throw everything in for the re knit. xox H P.S. found a Dr. Who on google! (Doctor Who - The Christmas Invasion) they deleted almost all of them from YouTube AS I WAS WATCHING THEM! bad luck. P.P.S. i wa thinking about taking part in the next secret pal but the more i tought about it the more impossible it'll be. i would be a great secret pal, but i'm an awful person to shop for, i'm extremely choosy. also, i have no anonymity, easy to google me and my address.

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