Saturday, March 25, 2006

On the knit-o-matic needles

DKPurseDetail, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

Here's Diva's original picture of the Hobo Bag. Chelle is graciously working on this for the store 'cause i just think it's so groovy.

The pattern says it's for experienced knitters. i don't think it's for super-duper experienced knitters, but it uses a few tricks to make the bag a professional quality you'd want to really use, so I'd say it's for the adventureous. It uses double knitting to line it! I was going to just do it in pink in Lana Gatto Aton but chelle says it's really difficult to work the double knitting in a single colour so we quickly added some orange (i know it sounds halucious, i think 'Chelle may need glasses to defray the glare from the colour, but i wanted to save the really good colours for the customers).
personally, i think the light & dark brown combo would make a stunning classic colour combo, but i also like the green with the lighter brown.

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