Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Birdy Bag

bird bag
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another of the pprojects i HAD to finish ... my Birdy bag (aka bird carrier). I needed a bird carrier to transport Pluto to & from the store that was warm enough to keep him toasty in winter and cute enough to go into stores with him incognito.

Based on the Letter Bag from Stitch n Bitch nation, i applied the same principles but bulked it up to give it structure.
-used 2 strand of lamb's pride bulky for the side/bottom strip
- single strand of lamb's pride bulky for the front & back panels.
- changed the opening to overlapping flaps
- included air holes on each side to keep the air moving
- made it taller to keep birdy out of the wind (although he just climbs up the sides anyway and pokes his beak out the holes)
- handles knited flat but curled up to match the aesthetic of the i-cord decoration
- i knitted the icord on, but don't think it made a difference. 1 strand of lamb's pride bulky

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