Wednesday, March 01, 2006

cosmetics bag: trial # 1

makeup bag 1 crochet
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a project i've been working on because of NEED. a felted cosmetics bag (my makeup is currently in a baggie)

1st trial. crocheted with scraps of manos del uruguay, 7 or 8mm hook. base rounded at ends to make an oval

- shrank little in height
- shrank alot in width
- too thick
- very nubbly
- like flat bottom
- organic aesthetic
- didn't bother blocking
- bottom shrank in a lot more than the top part

- use DK weight yarn to crochet
- prefer a more portly body
- use solid colours
- use diff colours for each part for measuring simplicity (base diff colour than body, etc)
- make base proportionally larger

Dimensions (pre & post felt)
- base width 6":4.75"
- base length 9":7"
- body height 9":7"
- mouth width 10":9"

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