Friday, March 10, 2006

more than 1 skein wonder closeup skein

i feel so guilty, it looks like i haven't been doing anything, but really i've been as busy as i can be. my more than 1 skein wonder is almost finished, just needs to be blocked & a few ends woven in. here is a closeup of the yarn (Noro Silverthaw, highly recommened for aesthetic and tactile pleasure). It weighs in at 260g, so technically it should be a 3 skein wonder, but i cut out part of the colourway for reasons or aesthetic fussiness, so i may have delved into a 4th. i did, however, keep all my bits and joined them into a ball (learned how to do the shmutz join around the same time) so it is not a waste. i also make it kinda big since it has arms and i wanted it loosey-goosey. alltogether, i am highly pleased! thanks to Stefanie Japel (Glampyre) for the very easy, very affordable pattern! Looking forward to her upcoming book!

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