Saturday, November 13, 2010

Sarah, the Leafy, Slouchy Hat

This is a pretty good representation of the colour.

This is not an accurate representation of the true colour.

This is not what the colour looks like, but you can see the leafy stitch.

I finished my Leafy Hat!  I don't know why, but I'm really into the idea of leaf motifs in mottled green yarns.  The pattern was very good with they yarn - I advise using the yarn with a tight type of stitch. 

I made some pattern modifications - nothing exciting or dangerous. The girl in the pattern pic must have a big head, because I had to downside the pattern substantially. If you have a larger head, just go with the original pattern cast-on.
  1. I used 3.25mm needles for the ribbing
  2. I cast on 80 sts. After the increase round the stitch count is 96 sts.
  3. For initial increase row I used twisted M1 increases, but for the pattern section I changed the increases to M1L, M1R, M1L, M1R (per section) to make sure my leaves branched out.

The hat fits me snugly, but the style doesn't really suit me since the slouch isn't slouching enough for my head. If I was so inclined, I could rip out one pattern repeat (1 round of leaves) and it would be a beanie/toque. 

Anyway, the Berroco Blackstone Tweed is really nice and feels nice and looks great. I just need to find the right pattern for my little keppie (the diminutive of yiddish word for head), but this hat will look AMAZING on someone who doesn't have an undersized head. 

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