Thursday, November 11, 2010

Maximum Beret

(click on the photos and you can get a closer looks at the    stunningness!)

I'm supposed to be working on the last sample for the Seedy Slouch Beret, but I'm taking a detour through the Manos Maxima.  This colourway (M9097) is so stunning I had to make a sample with it, just to show off. I don't know how the shaping is going to work out. I started out using my Basic Button Beret pattern, but the colour started to pool  after the second set of increases, so I skipped them and just worked straight for 10cm after the first increase. My only concern is that it may not be long/tall enough. I'm also working it in reverse stocking stitch (purl) because the yarn is so stunning on the wrong side and it gives the hat a bit of easy texture.

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