Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sideways Coliumo Hat

Next up .... a sideways, short-row hat in Araucania Coliumo Multi (colour 8). The yarn is working up really beautifully, but I knew that it would. I was going to pass on this colour until the sales rep showed me the swatch - this particular colour knitted up so beautifully!  So now I'm  making a sample so you can see how beautiful it is too. The colours are a little washed out in the photo, the purples are getting lost. Hopefully I'll have better light next time I take a pic of it. 

When I'm done I'll publish the pattern .... gotta make sure it works first! :-)

since i wrote this post i have ripped the project ad worked it up as a brand new pattern. i'll publish ASAP and i'll be available on the website.

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