Friday, October 22, 2010

Malabrigo Rasta Cowl

This is the last mobius cowl - for now.  They are addictive little things for sure. This is a version of the Easy Mobius Cowl in Malabrigo Rasta.  I made some modifications because the yarn is a bit thicker than called for: used 10mm needles, cast on 50 sts, etc, etc ... click on the link to see all the details. I think I could have gotten away with 46 sts, but I have a little head and neck. 

The Rasta was beautiful, once again!  The colour is so beautifully stunning, the texture soft, and the bulk works so well for this little accessory. I managed to get the whole thing from 1 skein - go me!  :-)

By the way, the pattern will be available soon, I just have to so dome web stuff. If you can't wait the day, it's available on paper in the store: Knit-O-Matic.

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