Thursday, October 07, 2010

Maximal Hat

For kicks I figured I'd see how my ribbed hat pattern works with other yarns, above is half of what is to be another Ribbed Hat using Manos Maxima.  So far, it's beautiful. I don't know if the 1x1 rib is doing the colouring justice, this colourway is very subtle.  I'll have to knit up the remains of the skein in stocking stitch to see.  See the picture below. 

Regardless, the Manos Maxima is stunning! It feels so yummy - and you know how I prefer not to mix my knitting and food metaphors.  It is so soft, and has a really satisfying squish to it. The closest comparison would be Malabrigo Worsted, although the dyeing is more sophisticated than Malabrigo. 

 here is the skein

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