Thursday, October 19, 2006

romantic lacrosse

romantic lacrosse, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

the more i looked at this book (Romantic Style by Jennie Atkinson) & thought about it the more inspired i was. not that i'm inspired to design lace, but it lights a fire in the imagination. and hell, it's nice to rest the eye-balls on different looking things. love the old world decay in the hallway. really, i do. i like to look at pictures of things i never want to experience live. the peeling wallpaper is eerie. Beautiful vintage sweater, beautifu lace work, style is impeccable. is that a lacrosse racket she's holding? shouldn't that be a badminton racket? the art direction is beautiful, but the more i look at it this scene is shaping up like a horror movie (a scary ghost flick from japan). did she kill someone with the lacrosse racket? did she stash the bodies in the basement? delapidated-chic.

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Anonymous said...

I had a wooden tennis racquet do that once. I left it hanging on the wall by 2 nails at the neck for the summer without a frame. When I came back a few months later, it had this fantastic scoop to it. Not so good for playing tennis, but it might have been good for catching a boomerang.