Thursday, October 19, 2006


mitt, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

men's mitts diverted me from my scarf. making pattern for mittens diverted me. well, a detour, it's not like the scarf is fascinating. don't give up any momentum on the simple knits.

making up designs isn't very hard. making sure they work is really, really hard. well, not hard (except for that fargin' cabled thing i've been butchering), just lots of work. i like riffing on an old idea though, refining the wheel. reminds me of the Purists, Ozanfant & Jenneret (later known as the architect Le Corbusier). They used to paint every-day objects, because they felt the forms had been refined to their purest form over time based on their utility. there were a lot of still lives of bottles & pitchers. here, i found the article we read in class. you can put the art historian in a knitting store, but you can't take the academic out of the knitter ... ? whatever.

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