Sunday, October 15, 2006

link action

I'm sorry, i have no pictures today.not very stimulating, i know, but the camera battery is charging. mostly comfort knitting going on in da house. comfort knitting is like confort food. easy, unchallenging, comfortable, instant gratification. i've been making mitts. mitts & mitts & mitts. i'm making a little pattern for the store, but i'm just sorta into mitts. chefs say that you don't really know a recipe until you've made it a thousand times. i think that applies to knitting patterns too. i REALLY understand mitts. hee-hee! i'm also making a scarf, a tube scarf in a gorgeous italian yarn (Lana Grossa 'Luna', colour #3). this is what the ball looks like. and i've got the big UFOs at home. blush. yesterday was DIY day on DNTO, they talked about crafts. i was a bit busy in the store but they podcast. we can all listen, it'll be like a big love-in, like crafts-across-canada. heads up about a new zine, crochet insider. good articles.

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2D Girl said...

My hubby downloaded the podcast for me. I can't wait to have time to listen to it.