Thursday, June 22, 2006

smiley shopper

crochet shopper, originally uploaded by myhighfiber.

i'm doin' sooo good! i finished apattern for a store kit. it's so good to have my grey cells back, they were missed. i wen't back over my crochet shopper pattern from last year and boy was it a mess. ma pauver cervelle! anyway, i edited the pattern so it is lucid and made them into kits! decided that the patterns i make for the store will only be sold with the kits. i'm not freaky about being copied, i just don't have much interest being a 'pattern designer'. i'm an artist, i like kits, they're like little post capitolist ready-mades for other people to do at their leisure. i kinda like it in the pseudo neon colours ... ooooh, the 80s are coming back!

last night's SNB was so much fun, i had a really good time, it was very relaxing. Ramona & Meaghan & Liane came by and we hung around till late joking around. Sophie dropped in earlier which also always brightens my day. i tried to teach Ramona her first crochet pattern ... i'm not sure if i was successful, but she is very smart, i know it will sink it. thanks for making it a fun night!

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