Thursday, June 15, 2006

i finished a bolero for my mom yesterday. forgot to take a picture, duh! i'll do it at an upcoming butmitzvah. it took forever to finish the thing, it was made in Colinette Giotto and was a bitch to sew up. although, i found the prefect button at Mac Fab, a retro shank button makde of pink shell, the last of its kinds and bleached by the sun to the perfect salmon pink to match the yarn. what else is going on? slippers for my brother's girlfriend. they're pretty fast, doing them in Noro Silk Garden, but the pattern is one of those downloads from the web and isn't very clear. sigh! why must i suffer so?! ;-) oh, i'm trying to organize a stitch & bitch/wine class (a stitch & vintage?). summer is so slow and it's so much easier to get around town in the good weather, so i fured now would be a good time. I'd like to do it at the CVA (centre for vine affairs) 'cause i know they're the real thing and they are located centrally at the swank Crush wine bar at King & Spadina. i'm looking forward to knowing what i'm buying when i pick up a bottle as a gift.! i've got a few takers who aren't afraid of a little pretension (i suspect it is not actually pretentions, just people think of wine tasting that way), but need more warm bodies to make it happen. if you are interested just contact me at

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