Tuesday, June 20, 2006

partners in crime

partners in crime Originally uploaded by sharkseason.
i like this too. i like all of it, but the hats are really good. i think i'll send it to uri, he used to take photos of dinosaur toys. his wife eva will get a kick out of it. actually, come to think of it, i had a boyfriend in college who had one of his posters in his dorm room ... goes to show my supreme taste in men! :-) i don't have any pics, but maggie's diaper bag is close to being done. i finished the handles, managed to graft them together with much consternation during 'how to get the guy' last night. now all i have to do is make the pockets, sew in pockets and felt. maybe crochet around the handles, then felt. it was a very easy pattern, i hope it works and i'll publish it. if it doesn't work it'll sit on the back burner untill i get the energy to fix it and then publish it. but you haven't seen it so you don't know what i want it to look like, the idea is just sorta hanging in my head. wa-ha-ha- (evil laugh)!

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