Friday, September 02, 2005

thinking out loud

city bag Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
and the next store project is another felting one - the city sack bucket bag from Vogue Knitting Felting. They call for 3 skeins Naturwolle (tres chere) but i have been thinking about Manos ... there is also some slubby stuff around the store from last winter which will do nicely too for a monotone and much less $$$. Although, the Manos would probably have to be held double, so it would end up the same price as the naturewolle. The twilleys freedom wool would probably also make a more affordable version as a solid, you'd just have to watch it carefully in wash because it's so fluffy it'll shrink into oblivion. A single strand of Lopi bulky could do the trick, but its so coarse. perhaps a double strand of the araucania naturewool chunky? it's already in a skein and i could dye one of the yucky colours something nice. of course, there is some fleece artist slubby still hanging around from last year that is also ripe for a felt ....

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