Friday, September 02, 2005

pretty bag

maisie Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
I have the bestest friends, but my favorite are the ones i've met through knitting. Maisie, my crochet guru, popped into the store today and brought me this beautiful bag! It's made from a Bags by Mags pattern and is about the size of a skein of Fleece Artist KidSilk and I'm smitten! I didn't know felting could be addictive even when you aren't doing the knitting! Thank you Maisie, this is the most touching gift I've ever received. I have a new bad habit. Ms Snit has introduced me to the podcasts and I have a new universe of media to explore now! Of course, Knitcast was the first I hit and most relevant here. The march interview with Stephanie Japel (glampyre) was really good.

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