Friday, September 09, 2005

day's finds

lonely ball Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
i love found things. found things are always the best. my old friend Rachel once told me that she believed that when she found neat things on the ground it meant you were on the right path. I've always found her theory plausible and have been picking up odds & ends ever since. this morning i found something really great! i was sitting on the stoop, waiting for my bust to take me to work and a regular looking woman with a walman on was walking down the sidewalk, skipping from side to side. as she drew closer she stopped hopping from side to side and started making egypitan and wavy movements with her arms, dancing to the music as she walked. it was AMAZING, the only way to describe it was a personal, disjointed boogie up Bathurst street. a real find! she was like the real-life version of the i-pod commercial. i smiled to myself and rached into my bag and grabbed a 2 bite brownie (my breakfast, lunch & dinner until my queasy stomach settles down). another woman at the corner saw me and smiled, my breakfast brownie was her bathurst boogie, and the cycle continues . so i get to work and what should i find on the stoop but a forlorn pink ball of crochet thread, sitting there like a puppy waiting for it's owner to let it in. i call it Pinkie! (i wish animals came in pink like gold does, but i don't think i could take proper care of flamingoes.) later, when i took the sale sign outside, i found 2 penies waitng for me on the window sill. not bad. i'm open to all kinds of stuff, buttons, toys, cards (i have an ace of spades in my wallet), but the gift of cash is always a nice touch. part of my research for this entry was finding Rachel's blog i wonder what i'll find on my way to the doctor this afternoon?

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