Wednesday, July 27, 2005

floor mat

mat finished Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
i finished crocheting the floor mat. it took 1 ball in each colour plus a little extra in the centre colour (7 colours, 2 strands held together, 10mm crochet hook). 3 rows each in single crochet. Liane is going to felt it for me (another opportunity to avoid doing laundry) so we'll se how it works out. right now it measures 30" x 25.5". Maisie keeps bringing me all this cool stuff she's made. she took her modified french market bag back so now i have to make one. :-) it just looked really good in the store, i want an army of them for store yarn. it's twice as thick as the original and i'm using lamb's pride bulky. pictures & details to follow as it works up.

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