Saturday, July 09, 2005

addicted & obsessed

kelly shopping bag Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
i'm still at it with the market bags. this one was done with 2 balls of Filtes King KELLY in colour 99. (Ms. Snit is also tired of looking at the retro CBC t-shirt, although i still really dig it. women's size L in the baby-t honey, 70's retro logo.) had to come up with a new pattern, the yarn is a different gauge. I'm going to make myself a pretty bag in Filtes King KORALLO . it's the same yarn as KELLY & KIM but it's got a shot of disco in it - just enough bling for my grocery shopping needs. ;-) The yarn crocheted really well, it's a chainette (already knitted) so no splitting! oooooooooooh, i just got an idea. i'm gonna try it in ATON, a suede shopping bag! i'd be very-very at whole foods. ELBA would look cool too. ............ oh, and i'm addicted to an online video game, destructomatch

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