Thursday, July 14, 2005

buttonhole bag

buttonhole bag Originally uploaded by knitomatic.
look what Liane made for the store! a lopi buttonhole bag! it is super nifty, stick-girl says she may even make one (depending on her access to air conditioning). Liane made it a bit taller, added a few rows (the greeny-yellow colour block) to make it a real "haul your stuff around" tote. The finished dimensions ... the body is 14" to top of handles & 15.5" at widest part. the bottom is and 5" wide by 12.5" long. It was really fuzzy, I had to use 2 razors to shave it. It used the better part of 4 skeins of Lopi and weighs 365g (i figure the other 35g are in Liane's washer). Liane adapted the pattern & knit it on straight needles 'cause she like's em. :-) thank you Liane!

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